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Test Engineering

We identify performance and reliability issues that impact the bottom line. Effective test engineering requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Clarity has the in-house field experience and data management, analysis and instrumentation expertise to carry out test campaigns from the substation to the nacelle.

Clarity personnel have supported research and development of emerging technologies, and performed service engineering analyses for leading wind turbine suppliers. We advise owners and O&M providers regarding technology suitability, warranty terms and hardware reliability. Our areas of expertise include:

Power performance data collection management (per IEC 61400-12)

Clarity manages data collection and validation of power performance data, including data reduction and selection as per IEC and MEASNET standards.Correctly validated test data is critical to the development of accurate power curves with verifiable uncertainties.

Power performance uncertainty analysis (per IEC 61400-12)

Uncertainty assessment is a critical component of a valid power performance test, as measurement uncertainty usually affects the contractual determination of test passage or failure. Clarity tracks and documents “end-to-end” data measurement, collection, and data processing uncertainty components. Uncertainty assessment analysis is conducted according to the procedures dictated by IEC and MEASNET.

Development of experiment designs and test plans for performance testing and field engineering studies

Clarity can source data loggers and sensors, design test fixtures and mounting hardware, and define database infrastructure to create an end-to-end data acquisition system for your specific application that meets applicable standards.